Since 2008 Griselda has produced nine albums on her label Waulk Records as well as producing for other labels. She specialises in working with UK-based, Portuguese, North and West African musicians and traditional folk music. With her background in oral folk traditions she aims to create a warm, relaxed and intimate atmosphere, encouraging spontaneity and creativity in the studio. To hear tracks from her albums click on the image



What the press have said…

Of  the album Radial

“Beautifully recorded with sparkling clarity”

Living Tradition magazine

“Gnawa London was beautifully recorded with a lovely intimate sound”

Gnawa London (Simo Lagnawi): Jamie Renton, fROOTS Magazine July 2013

“What really brings together this debut album is the crystal-clear novelty-free production…every rasping string and every rattle, buzz and hollow thud of percussion has its own rightful place in the mix, making reduntant the need for any fashionable bits of sonic software…a timeless and highly original album”

Traders (Juldeh Camara & Griselda Sanderson): Howard Male, Properganda

“Thanks in a great part to Gris’s studio skills, songs were fashioned in a way that retained the spontaneity of those initial snowbound sessions.”

Traders (Juldeh Camara & Griselda Sanderson): Jamie Renton, fROOTS Magazine

“In lesser hands, this mixture could end up very messy, but these are not lesser hands. This is an impressive, adventurous album.”

Harpaphonics: Keith Hudson, Taplas Magazine