Meridianum Ensemble: Meridianum Ensemble (2018)

This is the first album of this international group with four live tracks from their 2018 Vernal tour, plus four bonus studio tracks from members of the ensemble.

Veer: Griselda Sanderson & Ricardo de Noronha (2017)

Waulk Records 2017

See our video for ‘Cast Adrift’ here:


The Gnawa Caravan: Salt by Simo Lagnawi (tracks: Shemaa, Bambraka, Missing Life) 

Waulk Records 2015

Radial: Griselda Sanderson (solo album)

Waulk Records 2015

Click on the link below to see the video.

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Carnera, The Biggest Horse from the album Radial

Curlicue: Freya Rae & Louis Bingham (track: The Guitar Hornpipes)

Waulk Records 2015

The Gnawa Berber: Simo Lagnawi (track: Dounia)

Riverboat, 2014

Yakar : Amadou Diagne with Griselda Sanderson

Waulk Records 2013



Rough Guide to the Undiscovered World: Various

Rough Guide (World Music Network) 2012

Traders: Julaba Kunda (Griselda Sanderson & Juldeh Camara)

Waulk Records 2011

Traders cover 300dpi copy

Harpaphonics: Griselda Sanderson

Waulk Records 2008


Click on the image below for the video ‘Irime’ from Griselda’s solo album ‘Harpaphonics’, 2009


The Violet Hour: Jackie Oates

Chudleigh Roots 2008

The Fiddle Collection V1: Various

Hands On Music 1999

Um-Di-Um: Waulk Elektrik

Waulk Records 1999

House Music: Waulk Elektrik

Waulk Records 1997

Uprooted: Waulk Elektrik

Dangerous Records, 1994