New nyckelharpa album ‘Radial’ now on sale


“Radial is unique and fascinating, a new side to this exotic instrument, a real eye-opener.”


Alex Monaghan, Folkworld September 2015

Radial is the follow-up to Griselda’s  first nyckelharpa album Harpaphonics. Whereas the first album explored the unique sounds of this fascinating bowed keyed fiddle with mostly original compositions, Radial takes the instrument  back to its roots with  interpretations of traditional Swedish polskas with a smattering of new compositions. Nevertheless, Griselda still pushes the boundaries with some unusual instrumentation including a guest appearance from Moroccan gnawa label mate Simo Lagnawi and African percussion. Other collaborators are Louis Bingham, James Dumbelton & Luke Jones on guitars & Ben Duckworth on hang drum.