Griselda Sanderson has performed on the following albums as well as composing and/or arranging the music

Veer: Griselda Sanderson & Ricardo de Noronha

Waulk Records 2017

See our video for ‘Cast Adrift’ here:


The Gnawa Caravan: Salt by Simo Lagnawi (tracks: Shemaa, Bambraka, Missing Life) 

Waulk Records 2015

Radial: Griselda Sanderson (solo album)

Waulk Records 2015

Click on the link below to see the video.

still22 copy

Carnera, The Biggest Horse from the album Radial

Curlicue: Freya Rae & Louis Bingham (track: The Guitar Hornpipes)

Waulk Records 2015

The Gnawa Berber: Simo Lagnawi (track: Dounia)

Riverboat, 2014

Yakar : Amadou Diagne with Griselda Sanderson

Waulk Records 2013




Rough Guide to the Undiscovered World: Various

Rough Guide (World Music Network) 2012

Traders: Julaba Kunda (Griselda Sanderson & Juldeh Camara)

Waulk Records 2011

Traders cover 300dpi copy


Harpaphonics: Griselda Sanderson

Waulk Records 2008


Click on the image below for the video ‘Irime’ from Griselda’s solo album ‘Harpaphonics’, 2009


The Violet Hour: Jackie Oates

Chudleigh Roots 2008

The Fiddle Collection V1: Various

Hands On Music 1999

Um-Di-Um: Waulk Elektrik

Waulk Records 1999

House Music: Waulk Elektrik

Waulk Records 1997

Uprooted: Waulk Elektrik

Dangerous Records, 1994