Griselda Sanderson has performed on the following albums as well as composing and/or arranging the music

The Gnawa Caravan: Salt (tracks: Shemaa, Bambraka, Missing Life)

Waulk Records 2015

Radial: Griselda Sanderson (solo album)

Waulk Records 2015

Curlicue: Freya Rae & Louis Bingham (track: The Guitar Hornpipes)

Waulk Records 2015

The Gnawa Berber: Simo Lagnawi (track: Dounia)

Riverboat, 2014

Yakar: Amadou Diagne (album)

Waulk Records 2013

Rough Guide to the Undiscovered World: Various

Rough Guide (World Music Network) 2012

Traders: Julaba Kunda (album)

Waulk Records 2011

Harpaphonics: Griselda Sanderson (solo album)

Waulk Records 2008

The Violet Hour: Jackie Oates

Chudleigh Roots 2008

The Fiddle Collection V1: Various

Hands On Music 1999

Um-Di-Um: Waulk Elektrik

Waulk Records 1999

House Music: Waulk Elektrik

Waulk Records 1997

Uprooted: Waulk Elektrik

Dangerous Records, 1994

Album Reviews

Harpaphonics: Griselda Sanderson

Waulk Records 2008


“With its ornate curves and multiple strings and keys, the Swedish nyckelharpa makes Jimmy Page’s double-necked guitar look like a ukulele…Griselda tames the unwieldy beast and deliver’s enthralling performances”

Clive Davis, The Sunday Times

“Sanderson’s nyckelharpa travels the world”

David Honigman, Financial Times

“The interplay of nyckelharpa and percussion, the brilliant sound quality and the melodies are all wonderful”

John Crosby

“Creative, mesmerising and diverse”

Matthew Forss, Inside World Music

On Harpaphonics Griselda ingeniously incorporates the nyckelharpa’s many and special sounds into an impressive array of settings, moods and textures… I too swiftly became addicted to the fabulous sound of the nyckelharpa itself, finding it hard to prise this brave, enchanting and most rewarding disc from the player”

David Kidman, fROOTS & Netrhythms, November 2008

“A musical love letter to the instrument by one in thrall of its powerful charms. Harpaphonics pulls all the right strings.”

Tim Cumming, Songlines Magazine

“Griselda Sanderson creates a brave new music in this rich and varied album”

Norman Chalmers, Scotland on Sunday

“The nyckelharpa is allowed free rein and the musical journey begins, with intriguing results”

Lars Fahlin, Rock’n’Reel (R2)

“An impressive adventurous album”

Keith Hudson, Taplas Magazine

Yakar : Amadou Diagne with Griselda Sanderson

Waulk Records 2013


“Diagne’s hushed, smoky voice and unhurried acoustic guitar is accompanied by striking string arrangements and elegant, sophisticated production…lifted up by quite stunning violin accompaniment by Griselda Sanderson. Indeed her string arrangements, combining hints of Celtic melody, a swirl of Egyptian classicism and the sound of the Swedish nyckelharpa, are outstanding throughout”.

Nigel Williamson, Songlines Magazine issue 95, October 2013.

“The contributions of the latter [Griselda Sanderson], who also produces, add a whole new dimension to Diagne’s acoustic guitar-driven songs…her understated presence adds a sense of drama.”

Dave Haslam, R2 issue 41, Sept/Oct 2013

“Griselda Sanderson has got previous when it comes to this sort of thing, having collaborated with Juldeh Camara on the estimable Julaba Kunda project a couple of years back. But however good that was (and it was) I think Yakar is even better and Sanderson’s sympathetic playing is a major contributor.”

Jamie Renton, fROOTS issue 361, July 2013

Traders: Julaba Kunda (Griselda Sanderson & Juldeh Camara)

Waulk Records 2011

Traders cover 300dpi copy

“The resulting hybrid of African rhythms wrapped up in highland jigs is built on a telling combination of inspiration and hard work…lovely stuff and full of endless surprises”

Nigel Williamson, Songlines Magazine

“A truly beguiling listen”

MH, Daily Telegraph

“An extraordinary dialogue…It’s fascinating how well the two instruments work together, deftly weaving in and out of traditional tunes. Lovely!”

LG, New Internationalist

“They conjure up a magical range of timbres and tones…one of the most original albums of the year”

Jan Fairley, The List

“A super-fluid feel throughout. Not one weak track exists on this album…not to be missed!”

Matthew Forss, Inside World Music

“One of the most improbable of musical cross-pollinations”

Stephen William, African Business